Technical Group of Crystallization, the Association of Powder Process Industry and Engineering Japan suggests the practical industrial crystallization technology to be shared among all different groups, challenging to improve the technology systematically derived from the design theories of crystallizers. The Technical group also aims fostering of young technical experts and researchers, offering active communications among them both domestically and internationally. Being organized by seven member companies, the Technical group plans conferences 3-4 times a year, providing lectures, workshops and panel discussions as main activities.

Coordinator : Hiroshi OSHIMA, Osaka City University
Vice Coordinator : Masami HASEGAWA, The Salt Industry Center of Japan
Manager : Toshimichi KAMEI, Ajinomoto Co., Inc.
Vice manager : Hiroya TSUZAKI, Tsukishima Kikai Co.,Ltd.
Member : Kazuhiro HASEGAWA, Ajinomoto Co., Inc.
Menber : Masaaki ITO, Noritake Co., Limited
Member : Hideo KAWACHI, Kaneka Corporation
Member : Koji MASAOKA, The Salt Industry Center of Japan
Member : Hideo MIKI, Katsuragi Industry Co., Ltd.
Adviser : Tetsuya KAWAKITA, Tokyo University of Science
Adviser : Kaoru ONOE, Chiba Institute of Technology
Adviser : Akihiro SHIROISHI, Toyama University
Adviser : Ken TOYOKURA, Waseda University
Adviser : Hideki TSUGE, Keio University
Adviser : Yasuo YAMAZAKI, Unizeo co., Ltd.


1.Offering the Intensive Seminar for experts
2.Launching "Crystallization Handbook 2006"
3.Control of polymorphism in crystals
4.Creation of nano-particles
5.Mixing operation and crystallization phenomena in crystallizers
6.Rigorous calculation of phase equilibrium
7.Collaboration with The Crystallization Party for Fine Particle Formation and Functionalization

Technical Group of Crystallization was established in 1997 under the leadership of emeritus professor Ken Toyokura as the 20th technical group of the Association of Powder Process Industry and Engineering Japan, and started its activities in 1998. The technical group primarily focuses on promoting the understanding of industrial crystallization required for new-generation technology and solving common problems in industrial crystallization practice among related companies. Active discussions are also suggested by the Technical Group upon the application of the understanding for new crystallizer designing and operational concept.
Since the Technical Group was established in 1997, it has been promoting international exchange of industrial crystallization technology, vividly providing many successful lectures and workshops.

2002.11.13~14 (Nippon Convention Center (Makuhari Messe) International Conference Hall)
International Symposium on Industrial Crystallization Inspiring Powder Technology, 2002
As the first international symposium delivered by the Panel, the symposium aims more active international collaboration for the future, offering an oral session (simultaneous interpretation provided), a digital poster session and a round table style panel discussion.

2002.07.27 (Bunkyo Civic Center Sky Hall)
Organized as a pre-international symposium, a panel discussion was offered, employing the Q&A style. The panelists introduced their ideas and approaches, answering the questions from attendees. This was a very successful seminar especially as a preparation for the international symposium.

2002.05.24 (Memorial Hall of Nippon Chemical Industrial Co., LTD.)
“Crystallization Technical Development”
Mr. Steve Sanders(OLI Systems, Inc.)
The latest research and developments in crystallization simulation in the United States were
presented by Mr. Sanders.

2001.12.25 (publication)
“Design Theories of Crystallization Process and Equipment: Application and Practice”
This book well summarizes the outcome of the lectures and workshops organized by the Panel in the past, aiming to provide practical information and guidance of industrial crystallization for young experts.

2001.07.27 (Kameido Cultural Center )
“Outline of CRYSOPT and the latest development of crystallization in Europe”
Prof. Joachim Ulrich (Martin-Luther-Universitat Halle-Wittenberg)
Prof. Ulrich introduced the approach of collaborative projects in EU and the latest developments of a measuring method for supersaturation rate using ultrasonic.

2000.10.27 (Memorial Hall of Nippon Chemical Industrial Co., LTD.)
“CrySP; Development of Simulation Tool”
Dr. Marshall Rafal (OLI Systems, Inc.)
This lecture was based on the efforts of OLI to develop simulation model of crystallization in America.

2000.10.26 (Tokyo Garden Palace, Yushima Kaikan)
The 31st Professional Seminar of Powder Process Technology
“ Integration between industrial crystallization and powder process technology”
This was the first lecture under the joint auspices of APPIE. The outcome of this workshop resulted
In the publication of “Design Theories of Crystallization Process and Equipment: Application
and Practice” in 2001.

1999.11.19 (Nissan Chemical Industries, Toyama)
“ Design Diagram for Continuous Crystallizers”
Dr. Hamp Turner(OLI Systems, Inc.)
Dr. Turner introduced the latest developments on solubility simulation in the United States.

1998.09.16 (Wasada University, Tokyo)
“Effect of Additives on Crystallization of Ammonium Sulfate”
Prof. Nyvlt(Czechoslovakia, Chemical Academy)
“Purification of Organic Acids by Recrystallization”
Prof. Kratz(Sulzer Chemtech)
“Energy consumption A Key to Success in Fractional Crystallization”
Mr. Fischer(Sulzer Chemtech)
As the first conference organized by the Panel, it provided excellent lectures, inviting prominent researchers and industrialists from Europe.

3rd International Symposium on Industrial Crystallization Inspiring Powder Technology

Date: November, 10 (Fri), 2006
Date: Nippon Convention Center (Makuhari Messe) Room 201
Target areas: Pharmaceuticals, chemical, food, equipment et al.
Expected number of attendees:100-120
Participation fee:15,000yen

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